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Excellent! Can't wait for part five...

Oh my gosh I love this, can't wait for more!

I read this on FFnet and commented there, but it's worth saying something again. This is hands down one of the best fanfics in the Sherlock fandom and I love it to pieces. Thank you for writing this.

Really wonderful dramatic story full of tiny details and perfectly written moments. Author, would you mind if I translate this fic for Russian readers? Cause in Russia we almost suffer from withdrawal pains made by this film)))) That's why we need someone's imagination to help us with waiting for the continuation.

I have no problem with you translating my story into Russian; in fact I'd love to see it. Could you show it to me when you finish?

This is beyond amazing! I've re-read it several times now, but right from the first reading it became my canon :) I may attempt to write my own fic at some point; if I ever do would you mind if I referred to parts of this?

Sorry, just realized I never responded...I have no problem with you referring to parts of my story. Thanks for the review.

My God, this is good! What would've been really cool was if the person who helped John when he was little was Mycroft or someone like that.

I actually had an idea that it would turn out to be Lestrade, but I couldn't work out how to get it into the story

Maybe add another chapter where Lastrade finds them at the pool and Sherlock's copying John?

Beautiful, really. Magnificent.

Oooh! Reading this now - it seems really good!
Am I going insane, or is the Jack/Gwen (ugh) and Amy/Rory marriages a nod to DW/TW?

But yes! Amazing. Definitely part of my headcanon now. I love Mycroft in it (I'm a massive sucker for supportive!Mycroft) and Sherlock's just.. wow.
Thanks for the brilliant read!

That was actually my mind going 'I need random names for other children...they should sound British (I've no idea why I suddenly became concerned that the random background character's names would sound too American; I think I must have be over-reading one of the 'annoying Americanisms' rants again...which leads to my over-thinking things) so (goes my brain)...what names sound British? And my mind goes blank...so, what names do I know from British shows?'

So I leapt on my favorite shows. And once I started it was hard to resist pairing them together. So yes, that was indeed a nod to DW/TW (and the only reason it became Jack/Gwen was because the entire point of that chapter was Harry's need to create male/female pairings).

Right. I'm glad your enjoying it.

I'm trying to think of an "American" name now.. all I can think of is Jessica and that doesn't even make sense xD
Yay! I'm not going insane - I keep picking up references where there were none :P

It was awesome - thanks again for the read.

I saw a rec for your fic on TV Tropes. I loved it! Wee Sherlock & Mycroft! squee!

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